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Welcome to Returning Home

Eco Friendly, Biodegradable Funerary Items for People and Pets.

Thank you for visiting our site,  please browse, and feel comfortable enough to stop and submit a question or comment if you wish.

Returning Home is an owner-operated business, created by local businesswoman, Colleen Milne, and we are committed to ensure that products and services are within your budget, reflect you or your loved one’s individuality, and meet your needs with care and compassion. 

Our goal is to provide the perfect item to create memories, while honouring those who have finished their Earth’s journey; and for those who are reflecting on the completion of their own journey.

Returning Home and all its associates, are passionate about providing the people and pets of Sunraysia with the highest level of service, and to ensure that the needs and wishes of all are respected and met.​   Visit Site here

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