Features & Services

DP Web Design is about quality, not quantity, and self limits to a small Portfolio so clients get the maximum benefit!

Priced for small business, so you don't need a telephone number sized budget!  We work with you to set a price to get the most from your promotional dollar.

Updates and changes easily carried out in less than 24 hours with minimum effort.  Important for the small business where changes take place quickly e.g. menu updates, new stock items, sudden specials

Tech comfortable business owners  who wish to do so, can do their own hands on management! Other wise, updates are just an email or phone call away!

A great way to capitalise on your Social Media presence, and show off your business to social media followers.  Use your DP Web page to complete on-line sales!

Manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts to optimise your business.  Social media is a great way to bring people to your business, but if you just want to get on with doing what you do best as a small business owner - DP Webs can do the rest for you!

Preparation of images and content for various uses such as

  • optimisation for online use
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • newsletters

Produce written content for press releases, public presentations, or any other application.  You supply the message and we put it into words for you.

Create a logo for your small business or enterprise - work your ideas into a usable form for business cards, fliers, website and other advertising media.

online sales is a great way to extend your business with a minimum of overhead cost!  DP Web Design can make this happen for you.


In 2021  the best way to connect, gain and grow attention for your business, cause, or other enterprise, is online.

A website, especially linked with social media, is an incredibly cost effective way to get the most from your advertising dollar, as it gives virtually continuous exposure of your 'shopfront.'  [read more]