Why a Website?

Hate it or love it, at this point in time, the best way to connect and gain attention for your business, cause, or other enterprise, is online.

A website, especially linked with social media, is an incredibly cost effective way to get the most from your advertising dollar, as it gives virtually continuous exposure of your ‘shopfront.’

Print advertising, as much people say they still ‘like paper,’  or listen to the radio, is, at this point in time, arguably  the least cost-effective form of advertising there is, in terms of return by dollar spent in comparison to online advertising.  As the population ages, and drops off, this becomes more and more true.

Most small businesses simply cannot afford the cost of print/radio/tv advertising, and frequently fail for this very reason!  Paying for premises overheads, stock purchases, and all the other costs that go with realising a small business, is incredibly difficult.  Small business disappears, and big business and bland franchises prevail.