Get More Customers

What did your last business directory ad cost you – $600 maybe $1200 per year?  Or your last set of display ads in the local paper?  How large was it, and how colourful and attention grabbing?  Prominent paper advertising can be beyond the budget of many small businesses, and they are the enterprises that need it most.

Urban and rural commercial rentals can be prohibitive, often driving the smaller business to less visible locations, driving down the chance of passer-by sales.

Many customers, especially the older ones, still seek out services in the traditional business directories, but it’s indisputable that the younger generation of potential customers go straight to the internet to seek out the nearest goods or services provider.

And the simple fact is, that most beginning and small businesses simply do not have the budget to pay for the promotion they need.  Online advertising with a simple website and social media interface can represent enormous value for your advertising dollar.  It is flexible,  comprehensive and user-friendly.  It can quickly be set up to show off your products and services, for online sales if you require, and have direct and interactive contact with potential customers.

Changes can be made to a small business website in a matter of minutes: if you’re reasonably confident on a computer, I can teach you to do it yourself, avoiding constant cost add-ons.  My preferred option is to set the site up for you at a nominal cost – then help you to manage it for yourself, or make changes when you are pressed for time, or uncertain of the process.  Small business needs all the help it can get, and I hate to see new enterprises fold for lack of custom.

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